Slowing down only in front of the camera? Now control ‘this way’


It is also called kangaroo driving because it is compared to a running kangaroo after slowing down briefly in front of the surveillance camera and then stopping again. Now, the police are riding in a hidden patrol car equipped with mobile enforcement equipment, and have started to catch these dangerous drivers.

Reporter Park Sang-jin reports.

A police car is chasing a speeding vehicle on the highway.

This vehicle will outrun a police car traveling at a speed of 160 km/h or more.

When a surveillance camera appeared, I wanted to slow down for a moment.

[고속도로순찰대 경찰 : 카메라, 부스 통과하면 또 달릴 거예요. 100% 달립니다.]

They speeded up again and eventually the police stopped the vehicle.

The vehicle’s top speed was measured to reach a whopping 176 km/h.

The police car that cracked down on this vehicle is a so-called hidden patrol vehicle and is equipped with a new mobile enforcement device.

A radar installed in front of the vehicle measures the speed, and when the camera recognizes the license plate number, it automatically appears on the pad installed on the police car.

[이창민 경정/경찰청 첨단교통계장 : (고정 단속 장비의) 위치가 대부분 노출이 많이 돼 있고 하다 보니까, 거기서만 속도를 줄이고 이후에 다시 과속을 하는 소위 캥거루 운전이라고 많이 하거든요. 그런 부분을 보완하려고….]

Police have placed 17 vehicles equipped with the equipment on highways across the country, as fatal accidents due to speeding are continuing.

Over the past three years, the fatality rate of speeding accidents has averaged 25%, which is more than four times that of all highway accidents.

The police plan to conduct a pilot operation until this month, and from next month, first crack down on excessive speed driving that exceeds the speed limit by more than 40 km.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Kim Jun-hee)

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