Se-Young Kim, LPGA Tour Pelican Championship 2R 5th place… lead and second


Se-Young Kim continued to compete for the top spot in the US LPGA Tour Pelican Championship, where she defended her title.

Se-young Kim hit 3-under 67 with 5 birdies and 2 bogeys in the second round of the tournament held at the Pelican Golf Club in Bel Air, Florida, USA.

Se-young Kim, who was in second place with a 6-under par in the first round, recorded a total of 9-under 131 shots over two days, tied for fifth place.

It is two strokes behind Lexi Thompson and Jennifer Cupcho, who took the lead by recording an 11-under par.

Kim Se-young’s ranking went down slightly, but the gap with the leader was two strokes, and she continued the possibility of winning the championship for the remaining two days.

Since her debut on the LPGA Tour in 2015, Se-Young Kim, who has accumulated 12 wins every year and has won her career, is challenging for her title defense and her first win of the season.

He has yet to win this year, and his best performance is tied for second at the Lotte Championship in April.

Kim Se-young, who started the second round at the 10th hole, could not reduce the number of strokes by swapping a birdie and one bogey in the first half, but reduced three strokes starting with the first hole (par 4) birdie in the second half.

With Thompson and Cupcho cutting down six shots side by side to top the leaderboard, Leona Maguire of Ireland, who took the lead in the first round, tied for third place (10 under par 130) with Taiwan’s Xu Wei Ling.

World No. 1 Nelly Corda finished the second round with Kim Se-young and tied for 5th.

Lee Mi-hyang drove her 8-under par, which is the daily best, and greatly improved her ranking from T 38 to T 5.

Jinyoung Ko, second in the world rankings, who had 4 wins this season, reduced 4 strokes to 4 birdies and turned the turning point into a tie for 20th (6 under par 134).

Jinyoung Ko is 2nd in the world ranking with a difference of 0.004 points from Koda, 1st in Player of the Year (176 points) and CME Globe Race (3,400.15 points), and 2nd in prize money ($195,56,415). ) and is competing with Coda for the title.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)

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