Scent twins: These 7 perfume dupes are really worth it


With fragrance twins you can save money when you buy your favorite fragrance. GALA tells you which doppelgangers there are and how well they really do compared to the original products.

A good perfume can inspire confidence and bring back familiar memories. But often you have to dig deep into your own pocket for an iconic fragrance – even though there are many fragrance twins that are less expensive.

What is a fragrance twin?

Scent twins are also known as “Parfum Dupes”. The word “Dupe” is derived from the English “Duplicate“Derived from and means a product that is very similar to another, well-known. First and foremost, best-selling perfumes are from high-end brands such as “Black Opium” by Yves Saint Laurent imitated. Lesser-known manufacturers do not copy the fragrance, but only use it as a model for inspiration – and develop products that go in a very similar direction, but are usually many times cheaper.

However, fragrance twins are no direct copies or imitations – and therefore legally for sale. In addition, these products must also prove themselves in the same dermatological tests that apply to more expensive perfumes. Health concerns due to apparently lower quality are therefore mostly unfounded. Nevertheless, the quality of both the fragrance twins and the original perfumes can fluctuate.

Dior, Chanel & Co .: We reveal the best fragrance twins

There are numerous well-known perfumes on the market – and probably as many fragrance twins. At GALA you will find the best dupes for many popular perfumes!

“La vie est belle” von Lancôme und “Queen of Life” von La Rive

Das Eau de Parfum Life is beautiful “von Lancôme enchants its wearers with a very individual fragrance: the base notes of vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean meet jasmine and iris as heart notes. With this combination, the three best perfumers in the world have created a unique fragrance for the French house that is worn and loved by many women.

“Queen of Life” von La Rive comes very close to the high-priced Eau de Parfum by Lancôme because it also smells very flowery and fruity – however, this fragrance twin has a less sweet note than the original perfume. This dupe also differs significantly in price. On the other hand, the fragrance twin does not last as long as “La vie est belle” and should be refreshed during the day.

“Hypnotic Poison” by Dior and “Fatale Intense” by Agent Provocateur

The bottle of Hypnotic Poison” von Dior is very similar to a shiny red apple – and is based on it. The combination of almond, Arabian jasmine and vanilla impresses with sensual notes: the perfect eau de toilette for the evening.

Even Fatale Intense “by Agent Provocateur comes in an extraordinary, red bottle. With top notes of wild blackberry and chilli, aromas of the lotus blossom in the heart and Tahitian vanilla as a base, this fragrance twin is strongly reminiscent of the iconic perfume by Dior – but is much cheaper.

“Alien” by Mugler and “Sacrifice for her” by Ajmal

With Alien” hat Mugler creates an unmistakable fragrance that stands for radiance and splendor. With base notes of white amber, top notes of jasmine and cashmere wood as the heart note, “Alien” is an aromatic eau de parfum. The bottle is modeled on a gemstone – and more than contemporary: the pump head can be removed so that you can refill the fragrance again and again without having to buy a new bottle.

The bottle is reminiscent of color “Sacrifice for her” von Ajmal strong on its more expensive twin fragrance from Mugler, also olfactory almost no difference can be recognized. This eau de parfum also has a floral top note and woody base notes with amber, but does not come close to the long-lasting effect of its fragrance twin.

“Acqua di Gioia” by Giorgio Armani and “Aqua Bella” by La Rive

“Acqua di Gioia” von Giorgio Armani is inspired by nature and the sea. The light combination of mint, jasmine and cedar is perfect for warm summer days and should give its wearer a carefree feeling.

Even “Aqua Bella” von La Rive has mint in the top note, jasmine and peony in the heart and cedar wood as the base. Similar to its fragrance twin from Armani, this eau de parfum also dissipates after a few hours and has to be reapplied. But “Aqua Bella” only costs a fraction of the original price.

“J’adore” by Dior and “In Love” by La Rive

An amphora served as inspiration for “I love” von Dior: The flacon looks exceptionally noble due to its slim and gold-plated neck. But the perfume itself is iconic: Notes of ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine give the fragrance a special recognition value.

“In Love” by La Rive is a matching fragrance twin to the famous Eau de Parfum by Dior. Although the fragrance is much cheaper than the original, both fragrances are very similar. The eau de parfum by La Rive smells a little fresher and less heavy than its expensive twin, but is otherwise in no way inferior to the Dior perfume.

“Coco Mademosielle” by Chanel and “Madame Glamor” by Suddenly

Like the bottle, the scent is from Coco Mademosielle “by Chanel timeless, noble – and unmistakable. Orange, jasmine and patchouli characterize the fresh, floral scent of this perfume, which is particularly suitable for the evening. Due to its heavy note, this fragrance lasts particularly long.

If you are looking for a comparable fragrance twin to the Chanel perfume, you will find it at “Madame Glamor” by Suddenly find it. For just a fraction of the price, you can get a high-quality eau de parfum that seems confusingly similar to the Chanel fragrance.

“Black Opium” by Yves Saint Laurent and “143” by L’Arisé

With coffee beans, orange blossom and woody cedar it is “Black Opium” by Yves Saint Laurentnot only a heavy, but also a very intense fragrance. This means that the Eau de Parfum is perhaps not suitable for every time of day, but rather for the evening hours – and then looks all the more extravagant.

Under the simple name “143” hat Arise created a fragrance twin for the YSL perfume that smells just as oriental as the original: This eau de parfum also has orange in the top note, coffee and jasmine in the heart and vanilla and cedar wood as the base. In addition, this fragrance twin scores with a particularly long shelf life.

How do I find the perfect fragrance twin?

Finding a suitable perfume dupe is not always easy. Often the fragrance twins differ only in slight nuances from the original products – and whether you like a perfume or not, there is always one subjective decision.

If you have not found what you are looking for in our selection, you can next to familiar ones Online-Shopswho offer fragrance twins, also ask in stores whether and which perfume dupes are available. Often it is also possible Fragrance samples to order to find the perfect twin.

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