[SBS8뉴스] November 13, 2021 – Today’s Highlights


1. A cluster of COVID-19 infections occurred at Seoul Central Veterans Hospital, and 58 people including hospitalized patients were confirmed. While the number of new confirmed cases has remained in the 2,000 range, the number of severe cases and deaths continues to rise.

2. It turned out that the U.S. government took it out when Moderna, which developed a vaccine with tens of trillions of tax dollars, applied for a key patent. We pointed out what the intention was and whether it would affect the supply of vaccines.

3. The Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held a national workers’ conference in Dongdaemun, Seoul with 20,000 people in attendance and demanded improvement of the working environment. The area around the meeting point experienced extreme traffic congestion.

4. The government decided to supply 1.8 million liters of urea water for vehicles to 100 gas stations nationwide today (13th), but there was confusion at the site.


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