Princess Victoria in a velvet dress


The royal looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Princess Victoria wears the material of the hour +++ Countess Sophie has a new coat, but her style combination takes away all its glamor +++ Queen Mathilde’s bargain coat can be bought by anyone.

Exciting royal looks in the GALA ticker:

13. November 2021

Princess Victoria in an elegant velvet dress

Velvet is back – but something of it! Not only the men have discovered the soft, cozy material for themselves, the women now like to show themselves again in velvet. Whether Taylor Swift or Helene Fischer, we are certain that we will soon discover more and more pieces made of velvet. The material has even arrived in royal circles. At a meeting of the Academy of War Studies in Stockholm on Friday evening (November 12, 2021), none other than Princess Victoria appeared in a dark red velvet dress. The dress, held in the waist with a silver brooch, flatters the figure of the crown princess, the color goes well with her skin tone. The clutch she chooses for it comes with applications made of dark red velvet and goes very well with the overall look.

Clutch with velvet applications

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12. November 2021

Countess Sophie: This style combination takes all the glamor out of your luxury coat

Countess Sophie, 56, mostly holds back on her style and likes to go for simple basics. At Armistice Day in Bedworth on November 11th, however, she presented a new luxury coat from Lanvin, which is particularly noticeable with its playful belt loops. Precisely because this highlight piece only works at second glance, the outfit for the coat should be kept as simple as possible. Either elegant high boots or pumps are predestined here. Sophie of Wessex has opted for a wine red dress that peeks out from under the hem of the coat and mid-height boots in light beige that clash with the color of the coat. The whole style combination looks restless and takes away the glamor of the designer coat.

Countess Sophie wears a new coat from Lanvin at Armistice Day in Bedworth.

Countess Sophie wears a new coat from Lanvin at Armistice Day in Bedworth.

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11. November 2021

Everyone can shop for Queen Mathilde’s bargain coat

Often it does not happen that you can shop for the looks of the royals. Duchess Catherine, 39, likes to combine affordable, off-the-peg fashion with expensive designer pieces, which regularly triggers sales. But who would have thought that older members of the nobility would also like bargains? Queen Mathilde, 48, presented a completely new coat at the appointment with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and it is not an expensive designer piece, which its appearance might suggest. Her jacquard coat is part of the current Zara collection and, at 129 euros, is affordable for ordinary people too.

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The dropped shoulders and the pattern make the queen look fresh and modern – a stroke of luck in full length.

10. November 2021

Princess Victoria is fashionably wrong

Princess Victoria, 44, is very popular, always appears in a good mood and exudes a lot of charm. The Swedish Crown Princess is also often right on fashion when it comes to fashion. During a visit to the diabetes center of the Karolinska Medical University in the Swedish city of Solna, the mother of two proves that she has a hand that is not quite as skilled. It combines two parts that are quite chic when viewed individually, but do not really work together.

Pleated skirt with a bow tie blouse - the look makes Victoria older

Pleated skirt with a bow tie blouse – the look makes Victoria older

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The dark blue pleated skirt and the bow tie blouse with graphic pattern make Victoria look much older and a little slippery. A more casual top would have done the frumpy-looking skirt better. We forgive the likable Crown Princess, who is otherwise always perfectly dressed.

9. November 2021

Queen Sonja is wrong in color

With the choice of her handbag, Queen Sonja, 84, proves that she likes elegant classics. At the welcoming ceremony in front of the royal palace as part of Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander’s three-day state visit to Norway, King Harald’s wife picks up a Chanel handbag in classic black. It may illustrate her sense of timeless fashion, but the color doesn’t really match the rest of the outfit. Because Sonja combines a bright light blue with brown, the Chanel bag, on the other hand, is black. A model in brown or blue would have been a much better fit.

Queen Sonja relies on a classic handbag - unfortunately in a rather unsuitable color

Queen Sonja relies on a classic handbag – unfortunately in a rather unsuitable color

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8. November 2021

Princess Mary shows herself in a royal business look at the horse race

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, 49, attended the traditional Hubertus Hunting horse race north of Copenhagen on Sunday (November 7, 2021) with her twins, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent, 10. The fashion lover delights with a simple black wool coat from Prada. In addition, the princess combines a large brown leather bag from the Copenhagen label Decadent and sunglasses from Thierry Lasry in military green and yellow. This is how she turns the outfit into a real royal business look. Her children also wear black and dark blue tones, and they both have their hair color just like their mother’s: hazelnut brown. What a trio performance!

Princess Mary: In a royal business look at the horse race

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark with her children, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent, at the traditional Hubertus Hunt 2021 in Jaegersborg Dyrehave.

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