Sunday, November 28

Paris Hilton ‘fairy tale marriage’ after three days of luxury wedding

Paris Hilton, the heiress of the hotel chain Hilton Group and an American socialite, is making headlines for her luxurious wedding.

Paris Hilton married Carter Leeum, a businessman of the same age, at the Bel Air mansion near Los Angeles on the 11th local time, American popular magazine People, etc. reported.

The ceremonial event will be lavishly held over three days.

Hilton and Leeum are having a party at the Santa Monica Pier and a separate celebration today (the 13th).

“It was a true fairy tale wedding and truly pure magic,” Hilton said in posting the wedding photos on her blog.

Hilton and her husband, Leeum, started dating in 2019 and got married after two years.

In the past, Hilton has been engaged to an actor, businessman and fashion model three times, but all have been separated.

Hilton’s three-day wedding was produced as a program called ‘Paris in Love’ and will be aired on NBCUniversal’s streaming platform ‘Peacock’.

(Photo = Twitter post capture, Yonhap News)

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