Opening the door with the master key, sexual assault and illegal filming of guests… sentenced to 4 years in prison


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A 20-year-old employee who sexually assaulted a hotel guest and even illegally filmed it with a cell phone has been sentenced to prison.

In particular, the court sentenced the sentence to twice as much as the two years in prison that the prosecution had requested.

The 11th Criminal Division of the Seoul Eastern District Court sentenced a 27-year-old hotel employee A, accused of violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes, to four years in prison.

The court also ordered the disclosure and notification of personal information for 5 years, restrictions on employment at child and youth-related organizations for 7 years, and the attachment of location tracking electronic anklets for 10 years.

Mr. A, who was working at a hotel in Songpa-gu, Seoul, was asked to find the lost ring from a woman who stayed in his room at dawn on May 25, and searched the inside of the room to find the ring, but he intercepted it without returning it.

After that, Mr. A opened the door of the temporary room he guided and entered with the hotel master key, and sexually assaulted Mr. B, who was asleep while drunk.

He also recorded a video of the crime with his mobile phone.

The prosecution’s investigation revealed that A had committed another crime while being sentenced to a suspended sentence of imprisonment for a past rape charge.

A’s attorney appealed for leniency at the trial, but it was not accepted.

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