Minke whales die one after another on the southern coast… Turns out it was the mackerel net


Carcasses of minke whales, known as the ‘sea lottery,’ and shark carcasses, known as ‘laughing dolphins’ have been discovered one after another on the southern coast.

According to the Tongyeong Maritime Police Station, a minke whale body was discovered by the captain of a large trawler fishing boat at around 7:40 pm the previous day while fishing for mackerel in a sea 64 km southwest of Galdo, Tongyeong.

The whale, which was mixed with other fish species, was identified as a female 5.1m long, 3.4m girth, and weigh 0.7t.

The Coast Guard found no traces of illegal fishing and issued a certificate of cetacean disposal.

The whale was traded for 45 million won at the Suhyup Market in Dongho-dong, Tongyeong on the same day.

On the 6th, the captain found a minke whale weighing 0.7t in the Samcheonpo Sea and reported it to the Coast Guard.

In February, 0.5t and 1t minke whales were caught in the southern coast, respectively.

Minke whales are rarely caught on the southern coast due to the relatively shallow waters, but only two were caught in a row this month.

Minke whales are often found on the deep east coast, such as Ulsan and Pohang.

An official from the Tongyeong Coast Guard estimated that “the minke whales found do not have anything in common or characteristics, but they are all mixed catches, so it seems that they got caught in a fishing net due to bad luck while swimming.”

Minke whales, which are mammals, have to come up to the sea to breathe, but they are believed to have drowned while caught in fishing nets.

An endangered species and known as the ‘laughing dolphin’, the shark is being spotted more frequently.

In the southern coastal area, 70 sharks were found this year alone.

According to Rep. Maeng Seong-gyu of the Democratic Party of Korea belonging to the National Assembly’s Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock, Food and Marine Affairs Committee, a total of 5,055 scallops died off the coast of Korea from 2016 to August, the most in the past five years.

The shark is an endangered species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) since 1979.

As it is a species that needs protection, there are no effective measures to prevent overfishing and death.

The National Fisheries Research Institute is developing an escape guide to help entangled whales escape, but it is not in the dissemination stage.

(Photo = Courtesy of Tongyeong Coast Guard, Yonhap News)


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