Monday, November 29

Men’s Curling Wins Asia-Pacific Championships 2nd Consecutive… ‘Team Kim’ was runner-up

The men’s curling national team, Gyeongbuk Athletic Association, defeated Japan in the Asia-Pacific Championships and achieved the championship for the second time in a row.

The men’s national team, led by Skip Changmin Kim, defeated Japan 9-5 in the men’s final of the Asia Pacific Curling Championships held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on the 13th.

The men’s national team, which won the championship for the second time in a row following the 2019 competition, secured tickets for next year’s World Championships.

The men’s national team, formed by Kim Chang-min, Kim Su-hyeok, Jeon Jae-ik, and Kim Hak-kyun, gave up two points in the first end and was taken away, but after that, they succeeded in scoring in the third end, winning with perfect performance, revealing their prospects for the final qualifier for the Beijing Olympics next month.

At the same time, in the women’s final held on the seat next door, Tim Kim and Gangneung City Hall lost to Japan after a close battle and took the runners-up.

The women’s national team, led by Skip Kim Eun-jung, dreamed of winning the championship with both men and women, but they lost 6-5 by giving up 2 points to Japan in the last 10 end, leading 5-4 by one point.

After warming up for the Asia Pacific Championships, the national team will challenge for a ticket to Beijing in the final qualifying round for the Olympics next month.

The national team, which unfortunately missed a direct ticket to Beijing at the last World Championships, will challenge the top three teams in the final qualifier to be held in the Netherlands next month.

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