“MasterChef Celebrity Mexico 2021”: Celebrity who tested positive for COVID-19 was eliminated this week


After weeks of cooking, facing the COVID-19 and be one of the participants with the best reviews, David Solomon became the twelfth expelled from “MasterChef Celebrity”.

After he will be absent for a couple of weeks after the contagion outbreak in the reality production (he was replaced all that time by William Valdés), David had returned since last Friday to the most famous kitchen in Mexico to which he had to say goodbye last night.

In this chapter, Chef José Ramón proposed to hold an auction that would decide the direction of the contestants.

“La Bebeshita” and Aristeo Cazares they had a little friction after accidentally droplets fell on what the former participant of “Enamorándonos” prepared.

In this chapter, the Thursday panel proposed to the participants to make dishes worthy of the best restaurants that each of the chefs has tried throughout their lives.

David Salomón’s proposal for a champagne dish did not convince the judges’ palate.

The designer made a chicken aGrateful that according to the judges he did not have the necessary presence of champagne, so he did not convince them and they decided that he was the eliminated of the night.

Solomon used his mother’s recipe that bathed in soda, made the mistake of caramelizing a lot of onion and reaching a point of sweetness that exceeded the taste of champagne.

David was chosen after being at the helm along with Stephanie Salas and Mauricio Islas.

The first presented a fish with wallpaper lost in bubbles of passion that had an excess of anise.

Who did not do well either but managed to stay one more week in reality went to Mauritius Islands who presented a dish that did not completely convince the judges, who reminded him that he has been in the last places for weeks and must improve if he wants to reach the final.



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