Lee Dong-kyung left due to muscle injury… To Qatar without being selected as a replacement for Bentu


Lee Dong-kyung, the second-line resource of the national soccer team, left due to an injury ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup final qualifying away game.

The Korea Football Association said, “Lee Dong-kyung was canceled this morning due to damage to the left external obturator (muscle in the hip).”

The Football Association added that there will be no substitutes for Lee Dong-kyung’s departure.

Lee Dong-kyung waited on the bench in Game 5 of the Asian final qualifying round against the United Arab Emirates at the Goyang Sports Complex on the 11th.

The soccer team, led by coach Paulo Bento, departs at dawn on the 14th and will play the 6th game of the final qualifier against Iraq at 00:00 on the 17th at the Thani bin Jasim Stadium in Doha, Qatar.


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