Late bees 8 weeks in front? Taekwondo leader sentenced to death for beating intellectually disabled student


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A taekwondo leader who mercilessly assaulted a student with an intellectual disability was sentenced to prison for being late.

However, the director has disappeared for one year and eight months after the indictment.

The court sentenced the accused to imprisonment in the absence of the defendant, and the prosecution issued a warrant to secure new recruits.

The Cheongju District Court sentenced 38-year-old A, who runs a taekwondo studio in Jincheon, North Chungcheong Province, to six months in prison for injury.

On January 17th, he assaulted a 27-year-old student B, who has an intellectual disability, to spar at his dojo.

Arriving at the dojo 1 hour late was the reason for the assault, but Mr. B suffered 8 weeks of injuries and had to be hospitalized.

Mr. A was indicted on March 17 last year, two months later, but he stayed at home until then and soon disappeared.

Prosecutors received an arrest warrant for detention from the court and started to secure new recruits for Mr.

(Photo = Yonhap News)

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