Kim Gloss: Followers: they hardly recognize you inside


Kim Gloss
Followers: they hardly recognize them again

Kim Gloss

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It’s no secret that Kim Gloss has a soft spot for makeup. She has also already undergone one or the other cosmetic procedure. But now she has apparently gone a step too far, according to the judgment of her followers: inside.

XXL mane, pouty lips, big eyes, petite figure – that’s how you know Kim Gloss, 29. But her latest post is confusing. Heavily edited or has the 29-year-old been through other beauty interventions? What is certain is that many of their followers hardly recognize them anymore and express it.

Kim Gloss: Goodbye to naturalness

It’s been almost ten years since Kim Gloss wowed TV viewers with “The Jungle Camp”. At that time she showed her natural side, dispensed with make-up and styling – very different from how she presents herself today. In the last few years, the influencer has practically regressed. Back to a rather unnatural look. In her latest Instagram photo, Kim is now completely transformed.

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Actually, she wanted to put her outfit up for debate with her contribution, but it is her entire appearance that confuses her followers. In addition to many positive comments in which she compliments her appearance, there are also some who hardly recognize Kim anymore.

“Krass, I only recognized you at the third glance”

Many express their displeasure with their heavily retouched appearance. “Be natural, otherwise there is no longer any difference with you influencers. Extensions, splashed lips, inappropriate clothes, the same eyebrows, slowly you can no longer tell apart,” writes one follower. Another agrees: “Just keep your naturalness and your personality. We women are no dolls. Women didn’t fight for that to be consumer objects again.” Celebrity colleague Gabriella de Almeida, who was best known as Gabby in the casting show “Popstars”, is almost shocked by the new look of Kim Gloss: “Krass, I only recognized you at third glance.” Kim himself does not respond to the comments of her fans.

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