Monday, November 29

KCTU’s ‘20,000 people’ surprise rally in downtown… big traffic congestion

Today (13th), the 51st anniversary of the death of Jeon Tae-il, the KCTU held a workers’ convention. The meeting place was originally in Yeouido, but when the police stopped it, it was changed to Dongdaemun, and there was great congestion in the process of gathering about 20,000 people.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon reported.

The road is clogged up like a parking lot, and as the union members head to Dongdaemun, the police rush to run.

An hour before the start of the rally, the meeting place was announced by surprise.

Union members waiting all over the city fill the road in an instant.

Organizers estimated that about 20,000 people gathered at the intersection of Dongdaemun Station in Seoul, where union members of the KCTU gathered by surprise.

[윤택근/민주노총 위원장 직무대행 : 열사 정신 계승하여 불평등을 타파하자!]

The Confederation of Trade Unions initially planned to hold the National Workers’ Congress in Yeouido Park.

They were going to hold a rally in groups of 20 groups of 499 people at a distance of 70 meters each, but the location was changed when the government announced that it would not allow it and built a barrier.

[경찰 : 도로를 무단으로 점거하는 등 불법 집회 시위를 진행하고 있습니다.]

[박석운/전국민중행동 공동대표 : 축구장, 야구장에서 수만 명이 운집해 치맥을 먹는 건 괜찮고 민주노총의 노동자대회는 원천봉쇄됐습니다!]

Confederation of Trade Union Protests in Dongdaemun
The sudden surprise rally caused great traffic congestion for over two hours.

[문경호/서울 성북구 : 예식장 넉넉하게 왔는데 지금 30분간 대기하고 있어요. 다른 사람한테 축의금 보내고, 뒤라도 빠지면 좋겠는데 못 하니까 답답한 거죠.]

In the case of public transportation, it passed without stopping for 90 minutes at 6 subway stations including Gwanghwamun Station and 36 bus stops.

[엄수진/경기 용인시 : 시위하는 사람도 많고 경찰도 많아서 정신도 너무 없고….]

[김언지/경기 용인시 : 파란불에서 건너려고 해도 막는 게 있어서….]

Police consider today’s assembly an illegal assembly and will promptly request the attendance of organizers and key participants and begin an investigation.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Park Ki-duk)

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