Monday, November 29

KCTU “Five years of being betrayed by candlelight … Call for full revision of the Trade Union Act”

The Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held a national workers’ conference today at Dongdaemun Rotary with around 20,000 people in attendance and demanded improvements in the working environment, including the complete revision of the union law and the abolition of the dispatching law.

The selection of the location near Dongdaemun, where Pyeonghwa Market is located, appears to have been a symbolic location for the 50th anniversary of the death of Jeon Tae-il amidst the burden of public opinion due to the COVID-19 quarantine control and large-scale assembly.

The KCTU planned to hold a national workers’ convention in Yeouido today, but the government and Seoul refused to allow it, so at around 1 pm, a surprise announcement of the meeting place was announced near Dongdaemun and assembled in perfect harmony.

The competition itself is proceeding without major conflicts.

The protesters all wore masks and held the event at the predicted location, and there was no sudden movement.

In a resolution read at the event, the Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) aimed at the current government, saying, “The past five years were betrayed by candlelight.” “We faced the worst era of the rich and poor in history due to the soaring real estate. I imprisoned the chairman of the KCTU in

The KCTU should expand the right to bargain with multiple unions, industry-wide bargaining, and primary employers through the full revision of the Trade Union and Labor Relations Adjustment Act. He argued that the Labor Standards Act should be applied to everyone who worked until now.

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