Monday, November 29

Jae-myung Lee “The answer is balanced national development”… 2nd day PK public tour

Politics news. Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung traveled to Busan and Gyeongnam for the second day. The keywords Lee emphasized were ‘balanced national development’, ‘regional priority’, and ‘youth’.

First of all, this is reporter Kang Cheong-wan.

Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung visited the UN Memorial Park in Busan on a holiday morning.

Safety and peace were emphasized in the space to commemorate the UN forces who participated in the Korean War.

[이재명/민주당 대선 후보 : 공산주의 이념 실현이 대체 무슨 큰 의미가 있다고 동족에게 총부리를 들이대고… 이념보다 중요한 건 생명이고 더 중요한 것은 우리 모두의 안전과 평화다.]

At a meeting with officials from startups and venture companies in Busan, they promised regional priority, saying that regional inequality leads to vested interests.

[이재명/민주당 대선 후보 : (수도권 집중 체제를) 분산하자고 하면 반대하는 거예요. 왜냐면 그렇게 하면 자기들이 손해 보는 집단이 있거든요. 저항도 이겨내고 우리가 말하는 균형발전 정책을 취하는 게 근본적인 대책이죠.]

In the afternoon, we moved to Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, and visited the memorial hall of the origin of the March 15th Uprising and Masan Fish Market, which faced the rigged election of the Liberal Party in 1960.

We also put a lot of effort into meeting the young people. In ‘Matta Bus’, which means ‘weekly bus’, we had conversations with young people in Busan and with young prospective couples at Okgye Beach in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Meeting with Busan youth Lee Jae-myung, Democratic Party presidential candidate
Today (13th), the 51st anniversary of Jeon Tae-il’s death, candidate Lee wrote on SNS, saying, “His sound remains a huge debt to us.

Candidate Lee is scheduled to visit Daewoo Shipyard in Geoje, Gyeongnam tomorrow and hold a meeting with labor and management, respectively, and meet with aerospace industry researchers in Sacheon and medical personnel in Geochang.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, Kim Seung-tae, video editing: Choi Hye-young)

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