Is there new music coming from the singer?


Britney Spears
Is there new music coming from the singer?

Maybe fans will hear new music from Britney Spears again.

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Guardianship is history. How is the musical side of Britney Spears going on?

After a US court lifted the guardianship of Britney Spears (39), the singer’s fans can celebrate – and possibly in several ways. Because as insiders are said to have revealed, the 39-year-old is allegedly planning to work on new music. She could possibly return to the stage as well.

As well as the US celebrity portal “TMZ” as also the “Page Six” report citing anonymous sources that Spears wanted to go back to the studio. But that could take a while, because as one of the insiders is said to have said, music is currently and has not been “her top priority” for a while.

Your former manager Larry Rudolph (58) had declared in the summerthat the singer has expressed plans to retire from show business. According to the Page Six source, however, Spears never wanted to say goodbye to her career. Instead, the 39-year-old said that she just no longer wanted to work under the control of her father, who was her guardian for many years. Instead, Spears is looking forward to getting back to music.

Back on the stage?

“TMZ” also writes that Spears would like to record new music. Accordingly, she currently has no plans to be on stage again. The anonymous sources, however, do not agree on what appearances might look like. Spears “wants to make music and perform again,” said the Page Six insider.

Regardless of this, numerous fans and stars have celebrated the end of Spears’ guardianship. The singer herself shared a clip of a raging crowd in front of the courthouse. “Good God, I love my fans so much, it’s crazy,” she said in the accompanying comment and said that she’ll probably cry for the rest of the day now.

Numerous celebrities also spoke up and congratulated the singer. Donatella Versace (66) explained about on Instagram Based on the US Independence Day, the Friday for “Britneypendence Day”. “I am so happy that this day has finally come,” wrote Paris Hilton (40) on Twitter. This moment was long overdue. “Britney Spears is finally free !!! […] We all love you so much! Your best days are still to come! “


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