Is the number 13 really unlucky?.. Find out the truth


05:00 pm

Saturday 13 November 2021

Books – Syed Metwally

Some believe that the owner of the number 13 in anything in life is unlucky, but quite the contrary, in fact this number is very lucky.

What does the number 13 represent?

The number 13 in numerology represents focus, independence, creativity and a secure foundation, misjudged as unlucky as it depicts life’s tests, according to timesofindia.

birthday on the thirteenth day

If you do anything new on the thirteenth day, you will get positive results, and a person born on the thirteenth day is lucky to possess qualities such as high intelligence.

Number 13 surrounds our lives

The number 13 is very important and surrounds us throughout our lives, it is the beginning and the end, it always completes the full cycle of life, there are 13 cycles of the moon, 13 weeks for each of our four seasons, the teenage years also begin at 13.

Number 13 in action

It is an excellent number to work as well, guaranteeing development and success, if you see a lot of number 13 around you, it simply means that your fears and doubts are healed and you are heading towards development and progress.

There is no need to be afraid of any number, especially 13, there is no misfortune as long as you do good deeds.

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