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Interview with Frank Otto: “It is important to me to support Nathalie”

Frank Otto on Nathalie Volk
“When important things happen, we are there for each other”

Frank Otto and Nathalie Volk

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Entrepreneur Frank Otto reveals whether he wants to win back his ex-girlfriend Nathalie Volk after she broke up with her rocker.

That shows greatness: Frank Otto, 64, lets his ex-girlfriend Nathalie Volk, 24, recently separated from her Hells Angels rocker, live in his New York apartment. But how is it going now personally with the two of them? Frank Otto reached GALA shortly after visiting the sports press ball.

Frank Otto im GALA-Interview

They came to the ball together with the extreme swimmer André Wiersig. What makes your friendship so special?
Like me, he is committed to the German Marine Foundation. We got to know each other better through the Helgoland project. He swam from St. Peter-Ording to Heligoland. A great guy! We will soon be flying to the Seychelles. We are invited because there will be a swimming event there next year.

Last weekend had fun at the sports press ball in Frankfurt: Frank Otto (right) and extreme swimmer André Wiersig.

Last weekend had fun at the sports press ball in Frankfurt: Frank Otto (right) and extreme swimmer André Wiersig.

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It is important to me to support Nathalie

You are also a good friend to your ex-partner Nathalie.
We were together for five years, you don’t just throw that away. We know each other well and know how to deal with each other. A lot of connections have emerged.

Nathalie is allowed to use her apartment in New York. For lifetime?
No, no – this is really just so that she can complete her acting degree. It is already close to graduation. Then we have to see how she gets into the job.

Would you like to help her with the next step as well?
Apart from her fellow students and professors, I am the only one who has seen the commitment and talent Nathalie has. In this respect, it is important to me to support them. We used to learn pieces together. She finds herself really great in her roles.

Echo Award in Berlin

Sounds like you’re convinced of your talent.
That’s exactly how I would see it, yes. She always wanted to go back to New York, that was her greatest wish. By the way, Timur was also aware of this.

She played something for you, you say. What pieces?
She liked to play eccentric roles with me. Shakespeare, for example, thinks it’s great. She even had his likeness tattooed. I think that suits her very well.

A little drama?

When important things happen, we are there for each other

So the two of you are still closely related.
Yes. At least she called me before anyone else and told me about the end of her relationship with Timur. We don’t communicate all the time – but when important things happen, we are there for each other.

How do you support Nathalie, apart from the apartment?
The course is paid for, that was a complete package from me. The apartment is my condominium, which I am happy to make available to her.

Nathalie was recently in the clinic because of heart problems. what happened there?
She is doing better again. I know this not only from Nathalie, but also from other women: When they have to go through emotional bottlenecks, they are affected by the heart rhythm.

There will be no love comeback

What do you wish Nathalie?
That she goes her way. Young people should try their hand at things, so not everything has to work right away. I speak well to her. This is my role now.

Do you want Nathalie back?
No. Even before the breakup, there were signs that things were not going so well anymore. I don’t want to go back to that. And neither does she.


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