Government extends overseas travel advisory… Phased transition to country-specific systems


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it has extended the special travel advisory for all countries and regions for an additional month until December 13 in consideration of the COVID-19 situation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged people to cancel or postpone overseas travel as much as possible during the period of the issuance, and to pay special attention to personal safety such as strict observance of hygiene rules while staying abroad, participation in multiple events, refraining from going out and moving, and minimizing contact with others.

A special travel advisory is issued for short-term and urgent overseas travel risks and is equivalent to ‘restriction of travel’ or more and ‘recommendation of withdrawal’ (level 3) or less.

The government first issued a special travel advisory on March 23 last year due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and has been extending it since.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “In December, in consultation with quarantine authorities, a special travel advisory for all countries and regions was issued for each country, taking into consideration the global trend of COVID-19, vaccination rates, mutual recognition of vaccination certificates, and the progress of consultations on travel safety zones. We plan to gradually transition to an alert system.”

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