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Former guardian will support her

Britney Spears
Former guardian will support her

Britney Spears continues to get help from Jodi Montgomery.

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The guardianship of Britney Spears was lifted. Jodi Montgomery will continue to help the 39-year-old.

After more than 13 years, Britney Spears (39) is free. A Los Angeles court has lifted the guardianship to which the singer has been under since early 2008. Jodi Montgomery, who temporarily took on the role of guardian of Spears’ father Jamie (69), wants to continue supporting the pop star.

“Happiness outside of guardianship”

This was a “tireless” defense attorney for Britney Spears during the guardianship, according to a statement by a spokesman for Montgomery, which is available to the US magazine “People”. It has always been her goal to accompany the singer on her way. “Ms. Montgomery is excited to continue working for Ms. Spears and [diese] in their freedom, independence, growth, well-being and happiness outside of guardianship. “

Montgomery’s lawyer had previously stated in court that she wanted to continue to stand by the singer and help with a “smooth transition”, as it is said. Back in July had an anonymous source from around the Spears family, told the magazine that the 39-year-old was happy about how much Montgomery stood up for her.

Spears had been fighting guardianship for some time. After the verdict, the 39-year-old published a video on Instagram that shows fans celebrating in front of the courthouse. Spears declared that she loved it and spoke of the “best day ever”, among other things. Numerous stars were also pleased with the court’s decision. Donatella Versace (66) celebrated based on the US Independence Day a “Happy Britneypendence Day”.


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