Fantastic prices.. Hind Rostom jewelry achieves unexpected numbers at Sotheby’s auction


07:30 PM

Saturday 13 November 2021

This weekend witnessed the sale of 8 rare pieces of the late Egyptian star Hind Rostom’s jewelry at an auction organized by Sotheby’s in Geneva, Switzerland.

Some of these jewels were displayed in the Dubai International Financial Center last October before the entire collection participated in a public auction. All of them were sold, achieving numbers that exceeded expectations, as the price of the diamond bracelet decorated with emerald stones at auction reached $ 57,627, equivalent to 06.47271 pounds, according to the Al Arabiya website.

The price of the diamond necklace bearing the signature of Shatila Jewelry was sold at $30,186, equivalent to 474,82578 pounds, while the price of diamond earrings, designed in 1960 and bearing the signature of David Webb, amounted to $22,200, or approximately 349,206 pounds.

Hind Rostom was known for her passion for jewellery, which she sought from different parts of the world. She also designs some of the pieces she wears. Known for her passion for diamonds and rubies, she regularly participated in jewelry auctions.

The late star also holds the title of first lady of Egyptian cinema, as she participated in more than 80 films in the golden age of this cinema. She was also nicknamed Marilyn Monroe of the Arab world, but she rejected this comparison with the Hollywood star. She retired from acting in the late seventies of the last century before she died in 2011 of a heart attack at the age of 81.

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