Sunday, November 28

Dutch ‘lockdown’ restarts due to surge in confirmed cases… Germany also reviewed

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Recently, as the number of COVID-19 cases surged again in Europe, the Netherlands has again brought up the ‘lockdown’ policy.

Europe entered ‘with Corona’ (step-by-step recovery of daily life) early due to the expansion of vaccination, but as the number of confirmed cases increased, the Netherlands was the first to resume the lockdown policy.

According to AFP and Reuters, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the restart of the ‘lockdown’ in a televised speech, saying, “Tonight we are announcing a wide range of unwelcome measures.”

This measure will be partially implemented over three weeks.

From the 13th, all supermarkets, restaurants and bars will be open until 8pm, and non-essential shops will be closed at 6pm.

Social distancing measures have also been implemented again, limiting the number of visitors in a regular home to four, and working from home is recommended unless absolutely necessary.

Various public events will be suspended, and the World Cup qualifier against Norway, scheduled to be held next week, will be played behind closed doors.

However, the school will continue to open its doors and have decided not to restrict going out.

Other European countries are also reviewing containment policies as the number of coronavirus cases soars to record highs.

Germany is reviewing measures such as restricting access to major events for those not vaccinated against COVID-19 as the situation rapidly worsened in Germany on the 10th, when the number of daily confirmed cases exceeded 50,000, a record high.

From next week, Germany’s capital, Berlin, has decided to restrict access to non-vaccinated people in restaurants, movie theaters, museums, and indoor theaters.

The Austrian government also said it needed a lockdown policy for unvaccinated people, and Vienna, the first European Union to start vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11.

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