Duchess Meghan: SMS message reveals insults against Harry


New explosive in the appeal proceedings between Duchess Meghan and the publisher “Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL)”. A published SMS from the Royal once again reveals the tense relationship between Prince Harry and his family.

Apparently dirty laundry is now being washed. While the publication of some e-mails in connection with the appeals process of the “Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL)” on Friday (November 12, 2021) convicted Duchess Meghan, 40, of a lie, cell phone messages from the Royal that have come to the public are now getting down to business.

Duchess Meghan: “Constant abuse” of the royal family

Die “Sky News” existing SMS correspondence with her former PR correspondent Jason Knauf testifies to a tense situation between Prince Harry, 37, and his family at the beginning of their relationship. The second eldest son of Prince Charles, 72, is “constantly insulted” due to the messy situation with Meghan’s father Thomas Markle, 77, it says.

In early 2021, Meghan sued ANL, the publisher of Mail Online and The Mail On Sunday, for publishing five articles that reproduced parts of a private letter to her father from 2018. At first the American was awarded rights by the High Court, but now the publisher has appealed. In the course of the proceedings, emails and cell phone messages between Meghan and her former communications secretary were revealed.

Meghan wanted to protect Harry

In one of the submitted SMS, Meghan is said to claim that the royal family “fundamentally does not understand” the reasons for the alienation from their father and that they only wrote the letter to Thomas to “protect my husband from this constant abuse”.

In an e-mail previously discussed in court, the Duchess found the following reason for contacting her father: “The trigger for me to do this is to see how much pain this H [Harry] caused […]although it is unlikely, it may give my father a moment to pause too. “

“Endless Explanations of the Situation”

In the cell phone message, Meghan particularly addresses the alleged arguments between Harry and Charles: “Even after a week with his father and endless explanations of the situation, his family seems to forget the context – and always comes to ‘they can’t just go to him and end that? ‘”back”.

In the Sussexes interview with US talker Oprah Winfrey, 67, Harry had openly stated that he had felt “abandoned” by his father prior to his retirement as Senior Royal. At the time, he even claimed that Charles ignored his calls when he wanted to talk to him about a new positioning within the royal family. Nevertheless, the 37-year-old was forgiving and assured: “I will always love him – but a lot of suffering has happened and I will continue to make it one of my priorities to heal this relationship.”

A noble goal that could now thwart his wife’s published news again.

Source used: news.sky.com


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