Sunday, November 28

China announces military exercises in South China Sea ahead of US-China summit

China has heralded a naval military exercise in the South China Sea, one of the forefronts of the US-China conflict, with the US-China summit reportedly set to take place next week.

According to the website of the China Maritime Bureau, the Guangdong Maritime Bureau announced yesterday (12th) through navigation safety information, from noon today (local time) to 6 pm on the 14th, and from noon on the 16th to 6 pm on the 17th, near Shanwei, Guangdong Province. It has been announced that military exercises will be held in some waters in the South China Sea.

The Guangdong Maritime Bureau announced four points within the water area and banned the entry of ships into these waters.

The South China Sea issue, along with the Taiwan issue, is considered one of the ‘hot potatoes’ where the US-China conflict can lead to an accidental armed conflict.

The South China Sea issue is expected to be on the agenda at the video summit between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The United States is continuing the so-called ‘freedom of navigation’ operation, in which China dispatches warships to the South China Sea, where it has strengthened its territorial claims in conflict with Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines, saying, ‘We must guarantee the free passage of ships.’ has strongly opposed this.

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