Central Veterans Hospital group infected 58 people… Gastrointestinal severity is also ‘highest’


It is hoped that the spread of the corona virus will stop before it gets colder, but after the gradual recovery of daily life, the number of patients with severe cases continues to increase. The number of deaths per day was the highest in 10 months. In the midst of this, a cluster infection occurred at the Central Veterans’ Hospital, which has many elderly patients.

Reporter Jang Se-man reports.

This is the Central Veterans’ Hospital in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, which is frequently used by senior citizens of national merit.

After the first confirmed case on the 11th, in the process of carrying out additional tests, a total of 58 infections were found in three wards.

[입원환자 보호자 : 여기 확진자가 너무 많다고 소문이 나서, 돈을 줘도 간병인을 구할 수가 없는 상황이에요.]

At a nursing hospital in Gwangju Metropolitan City, 48 people were confirmed in four days, and 43 of them are estimated to be breakthrough infections that have completed vaccination.

Among the elderly, who are vulnerable to infection, the number of patients with severe symptoms continues to increase as the number of cases of worsening symptoms increases.

The number of patients with severe severe cases was 485, an increase of 10 from the previous day, the highest for four days in a row.

This led to an increase in the number of deaths, the highest number in over 10 months since the beginning of January, with 32 deaths.

As the number of critically ill patients increases, the utilization rate of critically ill beds in the metropolitan area is 72.2%, which is close to the 75% set by the quarantine authorities as the standard for implementing emergency plans.

As the number of new corona infections increased to 2,325, the continuous four-digit infection and the number of infections increased, people who wanted to be tested continued to the temporary screening center even on holidays.

[코로나19 검사자 : (확진자 계속 늘어나) 불안하기도 해서 2주에 한 번 쉬는 날마다 검사받고 있습니다.]

The number of people who completed vaccinations exceeded 40 million today (13th), and the second death report was received after teenage vaccinations.

The health authorities said that a teenage male who received the vaccine on August 20, died on the 31st of last month, 72 days after the vaccination, and is investigating whether there is a causal relationship with the vaccination.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-sik, video editing: Kim Ho-jin)


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