Carmen Salinas: “They are doing everything possible” says María Eugenia, daughter of the actress


While waiting for the 48 hours since Carmen Salinas entered the hospital after a stroke, her daughter María Eugenia Plascencia provided details of her mother’s latest medical report, noting that at the moment there is no manifestation of evolution on coma in which is currently the actress originally from Torreón, Coahuila.

María Eugenia said that in the moments that she was able to be with her mother appreciates it with a semblance of tranquility, although he pointed out that the actress remains in a serious but stable condition, and reiterated that before the first diagnoses of possible irreversible damage there is no clear conclusion about how their improvement could be.

Regarding the CT scan performed on Salinas, her daughter indicated that this was with the intention of monitor brain hemorrhage that has caused the hospitalization of the actress.

“His other organs are fine. She is calmer, I think because of the position in which they put it, they accommodate them right there, I saw it very calm, I was touching and caressing it, I do feel that Mom listens to me. Right now we are going to keep waiting, 48 hours have to be fulfilled, we will keep waiting and askingRight now there has not been a stronger change, everything is still the same, so we cannot see how it is evolving, they are doing everything possible with medicine, with many things ”.

The relatives of Carmen Salinas were questioned about the expenses that the actress’s medical care is representing, to which Gustavo Briones, Salinas’s nephew, assured that the National Association of Actors (ANDA) is providing supportSince Carmen is a life member of the organization, but she pointed out that there will probably be expenses that cannot be covered by ANDA.

Gustavo Briones, the 82-year-old actress’s nephew, took advantage of the presence of the press outside the hospital located in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City to announce that the family has been receiving messages via WhatsApp in what would appear to be chains with the intention of phone fraud belonging to Carmen Salinas.

“Regarding my aunt’s WhatsApp, right now they tried to hack it, I received messages that they are trying to hack WhatsApp, that you have to enter some codes, obviously I didn’t put them in, I don’t know who is doing it. More than a complaint, because they have not asked for money, I want to alert them ”.

“All I want to say is that we have faith, God is the one who has the last word”

The relatives highlighted that there are visits to outsiders authorized by the hospital, since at the moment his daughter, he and Carmelita’s granddaughter, are the ones who have the permits to accompany the actress as it is an intensive therapy hospitalization and due to the protocols of the pandemic; ruled out that for the moment it is analyzed to transfer Carmen Salinas to another hospital or the United States: “All I want to say is that we have faith, God is the one who has the last word”.



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