Camila Fernández takes flight again; live a 2021 of changes


Six years in the music industry have given Camila Fernández the maturity necessary to empower herself and work hard for her dreams, now with a very important ally, her daughter Cayetana. In an exclusive interview with THE REPORTER, shares that after more than a year of confinement, working remotely, she is ready to meet her audience.

“I felt very confined, but thank God I had to have my little girl there with me, and the confinement was not so hard, but I was already urged to go out with all of you, see you and hug you. It was already necessary! ”. In fact, the conversations for their live presentations are already underway, he anticipates that at least he plans to have shows in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Camila makes a retrospective when she realizes that 2021 has been one of many challenges, such as the arrival of her daughter, the health of her grandfather Vicente and that the Fernández Guinart family is also expanding with the baby that her brother Alex and his partner are expecting: “I want my daughter to see me as a working mother and not as a mother who does nothing, that is what I also want to reflect and transmit to my entire audience, that being a mother does not stop anyone and that women are very strong, like the all-time women we’ve always been ”.

About what it was like to make that transition from a Camila who was just beginning to take her steps as a singer-songwriter and now also be a mother and wife, she responds: “I had been doing music for a long time, but I’ll be honest, I was already a lady since Before, everyone crossed me out like that because I hardly went out, and it’s not that I was always very mature, but being a mother came to me as a blessing, married life is incredible also because my husband is the best, I’m happy with him , with my baby and with the projects to come ”.

The daughter of “El Potrillo” does not rule out enlarging the family, she says that her husband wants many children, but she expresses that everything in due course.

Merge the rancher with the urban

About your new projects, he is promoting the single “Mezcal” where he fuses ranch chords with urban sounds, This song will be part of his new material: “We are going to finalize the complete album and now the presentations are coming, I am very happy and these changes I saw as very natural, they had to happen and they happened. ‘Mezcal’ is pop with mariachi, it was an idea that we came up with in the pandemic, I was with my dad and my mom and they told me why not put mariachi (to the song) and it made me a very good idea. I also wanted to project where I come from, that I am extremely proud, I love mariachi ”.

At the end of the year he will complete the album and add four more songs, which will also include a video clip.

Happy with the evolution of her grandfather

Camila said that now that Christmas is coming, she will have to spend it with her husband and his family, but she will take time to visit her grandfather, before or after the date, she is very happy with her evolution, He emphasizes that every time he has the opportunity, he visits him and knows that he can move his head, his eyes and his jaw.

“It makes me very happy, they already sent us a video where more or less the little hand is closing, so wow, I am very happy, we did not expect this change so fast, because they had told us that it was very slow …

We were very subdued with what the doctors told us, but seeing him … He’s an oak tree, he fights for whatever he is, he is the strongest of the whole family, it gives us a lot of hope and faith to see him that well, that he is doing improving day by day ”.


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