Britney Spears: Free at last! Euphoric jubilation over the end of the guardianship


Britney Spears
After the guardianship ends: “I will just cry for the rest of the day”

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Now it is finally free again! No new guardian will be appointed to Britney Spears. The decision of the court puts the singer in a real ecstasy.

After 13 years under guardianship, Britney Spears, 39, can finally decide freely about her life again. According to US media reports, on Friday, November 12, 2013, a judge lifted all guardianship requirements. A happy day for the pop icon and her fans.

Britney Spears celebrates “best day ever”

“Good God, I love my fans so much, it’s unbelievable. I think I’ll just cry for the rest of the day,” wrote Britney emotionally to a video showing her enthusiastic supporters in front of the Los Angeles courthouse. “Best day ever,” said the 39-year-old happily.

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Britney Spears survived 13 years of guardianship

Britney has been through many years without self-determination. The Grammy winner was incapacitated in 2008 after she collapsed under personal and professional stress. Until September 2021, she was under the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears, 69, who up until that point not only had control over her private life, but also over her millions of dollars.

Britney made grave allegations against her father and her caregivers at court hearings in June and July 2021. She accused her of enriching her fortune and giving her drugs against her will. In addition, she was prevented from marrying and having more children by forbidding her to have her IUD removed.

The judge accepts the lawyers’ request

Father Jamie, on the other hand, asserted that all he had done was helping his daughter get her career going again and that he had always acted for her best. His sudden relinquishment of guardianship in September came as a surprise. After the dismissal ordered by the court, a substitute guardian was initially appointed. Now, presiding judge Brenda Penny has granted Britney’s attorneys’ motion to have the guardianship lifted. The singer can finally decide for herself again about her life.

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