Monday, November 29

British woman kicked out of mart for ‘showing her body’ outfit

A woman in the UK has been kicked out of a supermarket for wearing revealing clothes.

According to foreign media such as the British Daily Mail on the 11th local time, a 22-year-old woman, Zaia, visited a mart in eastern London on the 9th.

While Zaia was shopping, a male employee approached and said, “You can barely see your body. You can’t be in the supermarket naked.”

Ms. Zaia wore a hood over her short top, and her bottoms were training pants. The navel was slightly visible, but the outfit wasn’t revealing enough to be a problem.

When Zaia asked, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. What’s the matter?” the employee replied, “There is a policy set by the mart. The manager is coming here now.”

After posting a video of the situation on social media, Zaia burst into anger, saying, “The mart staff didn’t respect me. It was really disgusting.”

After the controversy grew, the Mart headquarters apologized through the official SNS, saying, “The behavior of the employees has nothing to do with our company policy. We apologize to Ms. Zaia who felt uncomfortable using the service.”

He added, “I had a conversation with the store manager regarding this incident. I want to discuss with Zaia how to solve the problem.”

Afterwards, the mart headquarters told the Daily Mail, “As soon as we learned about this incident, we started an in-store investigation. We contacted Zaia to apologize directly.”

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