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Started a newsletter related to digital sex crimes
Continued accusation of illegal sexual exploitation sites

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Interview with ‘Flame of the Chaser’ who writes a digital sex crime newsletter

at a cafe in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 3rd. By Kim Bong-gyu, Senior Correspondent [email protected]” alt=”‘Flame of the Chaser’, who announced to the world the existence of Telegram Room n, is interviewing at a cafe in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 3rd. By Kim Bong-gyu, Senior Correspondent [email protected]” />

‘Flame of the Chaser’, who announced the existence of Telegram room n to the world, is interviewing at a cafe in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 3rd. By Kim Bong-gyu, Senior Correspondent [email protected]

A letter stuck in an e-mail box cannot be felt. But the temperature of the letter they sent is as hot as a flame. ‘Flame of the Chaser’ (Fireworks), who first announced the n (n) room of Telegram to the world, started the ‘Flame Letter’, a newsletter service, on the 25th of last month. The letter I sent contains everything from the calm enthusiasm to support and solidarize the victims, to the rage against digital sex crimes. On the 3rd, at a cafe in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, I met two flame activists ‘Bull’ and ‘Dan’. Fireworks is an anonymous group of reporters and activists who cover in-depth digital sex crimes. When asked if they were closer to the journalist or activist, the two said, “When I meet people, I usually introduce myself as an activist.” It is worth looking back on their progress from the time they witnessed Enbenbang in 2019 when they were college students. Witness, report, support, report. Linking victims to support groups and police is one of Flame’s main tasks. In collaboration with established media, we published digital sex crime articles, and in May, we conducted crowdfunding on the funding site ‘Tumblbuck’ and published a self-reported magazine. He collaborated with human rights groups such as Amnesty International and participated in the Digital Sexual Crimes Response Task Force (TF) team of the Ministry of Justice.

If even one person’s damage could be reduced further
During the two years of non-stop running, the perpetrators of the N-Bun room were arrested. On the 11th, the last member of the Nbunbang group, the operator Moon Hyung-wook (God God) was sentenced to 34 years in prison. But on the other hand, another digital sex crime continues. Fireworks also tirelessly confronts the world of huge digital sex crimes. What is the firepower that moves them? “The anger towards the perpetrators was the driving force. I was so angry that it was our job, so I just jumped in.” said Dan. Two years ago, those who participated in a news coverage contest to build up employment specifications discovered the hell road while searching for materials on the subject of ‘illegal video’. Even after the contest was over, we couldn’t turn away from the harsh reality, so we naturally became a ‘one team’ “without having to discuss anything in particular.” Fireworks receives reports through various channels such as Twitter, mail, and Instagram. Reports often come in in the middle of the night. He deeply sympathizes with the heart, if not all, of the message he sent while reading his trembling heart. A significant portion of the reports received are those that cannot be reported. This is because there is a principle of not reporting if the victim does not want it or if there is a concern about secondary damage. It also means that the horrific digital sex crime cases reported by Spark are just the tip of the iceberg. The reason I started the newsletter is to make contact with more people and to reduce damage to even one person. I also wanted to let the helpless victims know that a lot of people are forming a scrum of solidarity. Those who appeared in the first newsletter on the 25th of last month are ‘supportive partners’ who are field activists at the Namu Women’s Human Rights Counseling Center. They provide legal support for digital sex crime investigations, counseling for victims, guidance on evidence collection, and linkage with institutions. The reason for introducing them in the first episode also means sending a message of support and solidarity to someone who reads the letter. Fireworks will alternately deliver interviews with field activists and report articles. The second topic sent three times in a row from the 3rd to the 5th is the accusation against the ‘unlawful exploitation site AR(R)’. “Originally, I was going to release this planned article first, but I thought it would be too difficult for the readers if they encountered such an evil incident first, so it was pushed to the second episode. The tentative name of AR is easy to access so that it can be easily searched on even the current portal site. It is a malicious site that continues to operate by changing the domain even if access is blocked due to deliberation by the Korea Communications Standards Commission. This site makes money by calling sexual exploitation victims that are illegally distributed as ‘data’.

On the 11th, ‘God Got’ sentenced to 34 years in prison
“To reduce even one damage”

“Do what you can do now”
Fireworks received a report from the victims last summer. It was about asking for help, saying that the video of the damage was being circulated through AR. The flame guided the victim on how to report the damage. It was thought that further distribution could be prevented by reporting to various national agencies, but within two months, the same victim received a call. The deleted video has been re-uploaded countless times. The victim directly asked the site management to delete it, but rather reported to the flame that he was asked to ‘verify’ his photo and ID for deletion. The site provides points whenever a user uploads data such as photos or videos. Points are used to level up for access to higher level bulletin boards and access to materials within the site. More points are given for new material that is not on the site. Even if the video is deleted once, it is the background for other users to upload the duplicated video. Fireworks infiltrated the site as a member to understand Ar’s condition and conducted intensive monitoring for a month in October. In AR, users need to raise the ‘level’ in order to access more ‘data’. To do this, you need to top up points on an illegal gambling site linked to the site or deposit money directly on the site. This means that victims’ rights are not respected, and victims’ videos are treated as goods or entertainment.

Citizens are calling for strict punishment for the production and distribution of sexual exploitation in front of the Seoul Central District Court, where the sentencing trial of Jo Joo-bin, the operator of Telegram's 'Doctor's Room', was held on November 26 last year.  By Kim Bong-gyu, Senior Correspondent bong9@hani.co.kr

Citizens are calling for strict punishment for the production and distribution of sexual exploitation in front of the Seoul Central District Court, where the sentencing trial of Jo Joo-bin, the operator of Telegram’s ‘Doctor’s Room’, was held on November 26 last year. By Kim Bong-gyu, Senior Correspondent [email protected]

Fireworks said, “There were countless crime victims on each bulletin board, such as various commercial pornography and movies, illegal filming and disseminated material.” In the high-level archives, which are the most difficult to access, videos of victims that ‘immediately need to be investigated’ were being circulated. AR responds irresponsibly when a victim leaves a request for deletion, withdraws the ID, and blocks the IP address to prevent access to the site. In response to the victim’s earnest request, the management team of AR said, “If you want to delete (a photo or video), say it politely.” Then I’ll think about it.” The flame resents this viciousness. The fireworks letter aims to be sent by the end of this year. When asked why they set the deadline for sending out the newsletter, the two agreed, saying, “It’s because we have to do what we can do right now.” There is no such thing as calculating how sustainable it will be. If you can reduce even one damage at this moment, you should do anything. “They have something in common that they only look ahead and run,” is the answer like the two of them.
two people running in solidarity
As a witness at the forefront of a digital sex crime scene, wouldn’t it be painful to monitor the victim in real time? “I feel my dignity as a person is being compromised,” says Bull. “Most of what is shared (with illegal videos) is the bodies of women, children, and adolescents, isn’t that different from us?” There are many times when the video of the damage suddenly comes to mind as an afterimage even while doing other work. He received professional psychological counseling immediately after the interview with Enburn, where he looked into about 100 digital sexual exploitation chat rooms for more than 5 hours a day. It’s less now than it was then, but still very tired. Fire finds solace in a dog, a silent being. “I feel like I’m melting away when I see a cute friend while I keep looking at the bad things. Professor Su-jeong Lee (Department of Criminal Psychology, Kyonggi University) once said that animals can provide the best comfort, but now I understand what it is.” Dan often makes up his mind by thinking of “the dream of becoming a 30 billion won wealthy and supporting the victims.” “One day, I saw a play about digital sex crimes, and it was about a middle school student who got a bag he wanted so much and fell into a swamp of crime. I had a lot of thoughts, and I wanted us to be someone’s helper.” This is a possible answer because they are trackers of digital sex crime scenes and ordinary people in their mid-20s. Above all, they are the first to recognize when one of them gets tired of “running only looking ahead” and take care of the other. They are also solidarity with each other. Fireworks is the second planned article to be reported at the end of this month, which will deal with the online grooming problem that occurs on SNS. We are currently conducting a survey of Twitter users. Fireworks letter is a subscription application site (url.kr/8i2sfy) can be received by e-mail. By Shin So-yoon, staff reporter [email protected]


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