Monday, November 29

Although 1.8 million liters of urea water was released… The scene is still ‘chaotic’

The government has decided to supply 1.8 million liters of urea water to 100 gas stations across the country starting today (13th). However, there was confusion at the site because they did not even know when they would arrive, and there was still a long line of freight cars.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon visited the site.

Near a gas station in Incheon, trucks line the road for hundreds of meters.

As the news spread that the government had decided to release 1.8 million liters of urea water at 100 gas stations across the country sequentially from 6 am, vehicles started pouring in from early in the morning.

This is a base gas station near Incheon Port where the Ministry of Environment decided to supply urea water first.

However, the urea water did not arrive until 4 pm.

Inquiries have also been pouring in, but it is frustrating because there is no way to know when the ureasu will arrive.

[주유소 관계자 : 일단은 물건이 와야지 (준다고) 말만 하니까. 그렇다고 해서 공문이 내려오는 것도 아니고.]

In some cases, the fact that it was a base gas station was not properly notified.

[주유소 관계자 : 기사님들이 얘기해주셔서 기사 보고 알았어요. 주유소에 연락받은 거 없습니다.]

The truck drivers are dissatisfied with the scene where nothing has changed after taking a breather.

[신철현/컨테이너 화물차 기사 : 8시 안 돼서 와가지고 현재까지 기다리고 있는 겁니다. (그러면 지금 거의.) 6시간 넘었죠. 뉴스에서 나오는대로 쫓아가도 소용이 없어요.]

There was a great demand to share relevant information, such as which gas station has how much stock and how many vehicles are waiting.

[신철현/컨테이너 화물차 기사 : 쫓아서 와서 대기하고 있지만 이런 거 자체도 모르는 기사들이 너무 많아요.]

After the urea crisis broke out, supplies that were urgently secured from each country are coming in one after another.

Today, 2,980 tons of industrial urea imported from China by Namhae Chemical, the largest urea fertilizer producer in Korea, arrived at Gwangyang Port.

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries will give priority to urea carriers with port seats.

(Video coverage: Oh Young-chun, Choi Bok-soo KBC, Video editing: Kim Jong-tae)

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