Monday, November 29

“A man needs to go to the military”… Controversy over the promotional video of the Military Manpower Administration

The Military Manpower Administration recently posted a promotional video related to life in the military, which became controversial, so we decided to revise some of the content.

Earlier, on the 5th, the Military Manpower Administration posted a video titled ‘Story of Military Life from Friends’ on its official YouTube account.

In this video, three men who are friends are having a conversation, and the conversation between the main character and his friend, who received a grade 4 test in the military service evaluation test, and joined the active duty service after losing weight through the Military Manpower Administration ‘Super Himchani Project’, became controversial.

In the video, the main character said, “I applied for the Super Himchan system because I thought my personality would allow me to go to active duty,” and my friend replied, “You have to go to the military because of your personality, so you go somewhere and say that you are a man proudly.”

Some netizens objected to this, calling it a ‘divergence between active duty and the public interest’ and ‘a video degrading the public interest’, and the Youth Justice Party also demanded an apology and deletion, saying it was a serious derogatory remark against young people who are dedicated to social service.

An official from the Military Manpower Administration said, “It is regrettable that it is controversial because it is different from the original purpose.”

(Photo = Captured from the Military Manpower Administration YouTube video, Yonhap News)

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