Sunday, November 28

8 straight wins in the opening without hesitation… Leading Hyundai E&C

Hyundai E&C, women’s volleyball team, continued their unstoppable lead with an 8-game winning streak.

Hyundai E&C beat the new team Pepper Savings Bank with various attack routes.

Yasmin’s diagonal bangs exploded one after another, and Yang Hyo-jin and Lee Da-hyun flew up in defense.

Yang Hyo-jin led the Hyundai E&C 3-0 victory by raising 13 points including 3 blocking and Da-hyeon Lee raising 10 points including 3 blocking.

In the men’s division, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance rose from 6th to 4th by beating 2nd place Hyundai Capital, and foreign player Russell achieved a triple crown including 5 sub-aces and made an outstanding performance with 30 points.

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