’60 thousand trucks’ urea water, supplied to 100 gas stations nationwide today


1.8 million liters of urea water, which is experiencing a sales crisis, will be supplied sequentially to 100 gas stations nationwide today (13th).

The Ministry of Environment said that from 6 am, Lotte Fine Chemical has been supplying 1.8 million liters of urea water to 100 gas stations in major bases with easy access by trucks and high frequency of use.

The volume of 1.8 million liters is part of the 2 million liters produced through 700 tons of urea water for vehicles by private importers, which is equivalent to 60,000 units based on 30 liters per truck.

The remaining 200,000 liters were first supplied to the base garages of each regional group across the country, and this amount is used for essential public vehicles such as cleaning trucks and village buses.


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