2,325 new confirmed cases… Highest death toll in 10 months


As of 00:00 today (13th), the number of new corona19 confirmed 2,325 was counted, showing the 2,000 level for the fourth day in a row. The number of patients with severe cases of severe seriousness has increased, recording the highest record for four days in a row, and the number of deaths is the highest this year.

Reporter Jang Se-man reports.

Yesterday, the number of new corona19 confirmed 2,311 in Korea and 14 imported from abroad totaled 2,325.

It has not fallen from the 2,000 level for four days after the last 10 days.

At a nursing hospital in Gwangju, a total of 48 people have tested positive so far, and quarantine authorities estimate that 43 of them are breakthrough infections that have completed vaccination.

It is also worrisome that the number of critically ill patients and deaths, which are key management indicators, will increase after the phased recovery of daily life.

Yesterday, the number of severe cases reached 485, an increase of 10 from the previous day, the highest number for four days in a row.

The death toll stood at 32, the highest in 309 days since January 8, when 35 people were recorded during the third epidemic.

It is interpreted that the number of deaths is increasing at the same time as the number of breakthrough infections and severe cases increases.

In the midst of this, about 220,000 people were newly vaccinated yesterday with the COVID-19 vaccine.

The quarantine authorities said that the number of people who completed the vaccination after receiving all the recommended number of times of COVID-19 vaccine increased by 148,000 yesterday, bringing the total to 39.99 million.

The cumulative number of completed vaccinations is expected to reach 40 million today.

The vaccination completion rate compared to the Korean population was 77.9%, and compared to the population over 18, it was 90.2%.


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