Sunday, November 28

’14 Year Shackles’ Britney Spears… Exercising 70 billion property rights

American pop star Britney Spears has regained her freedom from the shackles of nearly 14 years of guardianship.

Legally, they can decide their own lives without the intervention of guardians and directly exercise their 70 billion won property rights.

The Los Angeles court in the United States made a final decision to end the application of the guardianship system to Spears on the 12th local time, The Associated Press and The New York Times reported.

Spears, mother of two who will turn 40 this December, has been under the care of her father, Jamie, who has been appointed legal guardian since 2008.

At that time, Spears suffered from drug addiction and caused a scandal, and his father, Jamie, obtained a guardianship.

However, in June, Spears filed a lawsuit demanding that his father’s guardianship be removed, saying, “I am not a slave and I want my life back.”

At a court hearing, he revealed that his father took control of his life and forced him to take birth control and medications for mental illness.

Spears’ cries for an end to guardianship bond garnered support from fans and public opinion, and a court suspended her father’s guardianship last September.

The court then ruled that “Spears no longer needs a guardian”.

About 200 fans gathered in front of the courthouse cheered and shed tears, and Spears wrote on Twitter, “I think I’m going to cry today. It’s the best day of all time.”

According to court documents, Spears’ net worth is $60 million, or 70.7 billion won in our money.

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