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[스브스夜] ‘G-R’ Daegu blue tape murder case… Expert, “Crime in which two emotions coexist, there is a high possibility of an accomplice”

On the 13th, SBS ‘I want to know’, with the subtitle ‘Mother’s Last Guest’, tracked down the Daegu blue tape murder case.

A report email has arrived to the production team. An email stating that her mother died in the same way as the Busan Cheongtape murder case in May 2008.

The Busan Cheong Tape Murder Case was an unsolved case discovered after a woman in her 30s died in her home while bound by a blue tape. In addition, the broadcaster had revealed through the coverage that it was highly likely that this case was not an accidental murder, but a planned crime by a thief.

The informant explained that his mother, Hong Tae-soon, was found in Daegu in 1999 with her hands and feet tied and blue tape wrapped around her face. At the time, it was called the Daegu Cheongtape Murder Case and an investigation team was formed, but the culprit could not be found.

On the day of the incident, Hong’s husband was worried about his wife who could not be reached, so he asked his wife’s brother and wife to check on his wife’s well-being. The younger brother and wife hurriedly went to his house, but they did not feel popular, and the locked door did not open. And in the house that went over the wall, Hong was found lying in a miserable state.

A blood-stained chief collected by Hong’s husband was found near the body. And a plastic bag was placed over the body’s face, and the plastic bag was wrapped with several layers of blue tape. Also, the police officer in charge at the time explained the appearance of the body, saying, “The hands and feet were tied like a person in a coffin. It was like a bowing posture.”

At that time, the police conducted a large-scale investigation under the assumption that it was the act of an acquaintance, but after that, the investigation did not progress, and the statute of limitations was completed in November 2014.

Although the statute of limitations has expired and the criminal cannot be punished, the family members who want to know the truth even now have requested help from the Al team. The production team followed the truth of the day together with the family.

Hong, who was not found immediately on the day of his death, showed severe brain decomposition. And the cause is the extremely high temperature of the boiler. The family speculated that it was manipulating the boiler of the criminal, not Hong, who was usually frugal. In addition, two coffee cups and traces of making kimchi were found in the kitchen at the time the body was discovered.

And the police estimated the time of death of Mr. Hong to be the afternoon of December 17, three days before the body was discovered. Therefore, Hong’s previous track was traced.

On the afternoon of December 16, an oil delivery man visited Mr. Hong’s house. At the time, Mr. Hong, who made a trade on foreign currency. At this time, the oil brought by the delivery man belonged to the first-floor Jeonse house that he moved to the same day. After the oil was delivered that day, a woman in her 60s moved into the first floor.

And on December 17th, the tenant left the gas bill that had been paid on the previous day and went out. Then, at 10 a.m., the oil delivery man looked for Mr. Hong’s house, but could not find him. Then, at 12:30 pm on the 17th, a real estate agent and a male customer who came to see another rental house visited Mr. Hong’s house. The police speculated that they might be the owners of the coffee mugs, but as a result of the examination, they were not. After that, the oil delivery man came to visit Hong twice, but did not meet him.

As a result, the family doubted the first person who came to see the house. However, as a result of the investigation, no suspicion was found. And the expert analyzed that the criminal used objects from all over the house to commit the crime, so he seemed to be familiar with the internal structure of the house and was well aware that no one would come to the victim’s house for at least a few hours. He also said that the possibility that the culprit was a woman cannot be ruled out.

This analysis was followed by another figure whose family members were suspicious. A middle school classmate that Hong met by chance on the street before the incident. He was a nurse and an insurance agent who designed the insurance policy found in the house when the body was found. And Lee Hong’s classmate was the last person to speak on the phone with Hong before he died.

The police suspected Hong’s classmate, an insurance agent. Hong, who had purchased traffic accident insurance a few days before the incident, called a classmate after receiving the fuel price from the tenant on the morning of the estimated date of death. Their conversation was about canceling insurance.

A classmate who visited Hong’s house a few days before the incident. This made the police even more suspicious of him. However, no charges were found. However, the family could not give up their suspicions about Hong’s classmate who was a nurse when he saw that Mr. Hong was dead.

In fact, the police suspected him, but his classmate was a reference, not a suspect. This was because the motive for the crime was insufficient and the knot that bound the body was difficult for a woman to make.

Police believe that the perpetrator attacked the victim’s head as a senior, then tied his face with blue tape, and then bound his hands and feet. At that time, the autopsy results also presumed that the death was due to a head injury or an airway obstruction caused by a foreign object. And the police judged that the chains left on the body were for retrieving the body, and that this was an expression of regret.

However, the opinion of the criminal experts was different. They say that most of the murders with tapes are robbery murders. Also, forensic scientists analyzed that the binding was done before death, not after death, and the purpose of binding was to prevent resistance and rebellion, not murder.

When the timing of the binding was changed, the case was completely different. If there was a bondage after death, it was an emotional murder of a thief, and it was very similar to the Busan Cheongtape case. But if the bondage had been made before death, it would have been a completely different case.

Criminal experts explained, “It is a form of bondage when intimidating or threatening to find a target object. It is a future bondage because it is necessary to communicate with the victim.”

And the tie was made first in the sequence, and after that, various tools appeared to reduce rebellion and resistance, and it was speculated that straps were added. In addition, unlike the autopsy results at the time, the cause of death was based on the possibility of suffocation due to neck compression.

According to experts’ analysis, the Daegu blue tape murder case must have led to first wrist strapping, followed by gagging, neck compression after tying the legs, and finally a head price to confirm death. Professor Kwon Il-yong explained, “It appears to be for the purpose of extortion or theft of money and valuables. After that, the crime proceeds, and their faces are recognized or known, which seems to be the type that leads to murder.”

Another peculiarity was discovered during the investigation. On the estimated date of Hong’s death, a thief broke into Hong’s first-floor tenant’s house. The expert said that the two incidents overlap and it is difficult to see them as separate incidents. And I questioned whether the incident that occurred when the Jeonse deposit was received could be a coincidence.

Lastly, regarding the criminal who put a plastic bag on his face, he said, “I would have hidden it because it was difficult to see the victim’s face as a corpse because of the acquaintance. It is a crime. Therefore, there is a possibility that there may be an accomplice in this case.”

Lastly, the broadcast suggested the possibility that money is the purpose of the criminal, and that there is a high possibility that there may be an accomplice rather than an independent crime as a crime by a person who knows Mr. Hong, who has criminal experience, and that one of them may be a woman. And he prayed that some miracle would happen to reveal the truth even now, saying that there is no statute of limitations for justice and truth.

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jung)

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