“We sell urea water” fraud caught 116 cases in 5 days… arrest case


More than 100 cases of cyber fraud taking advantage of the shortage of urea were detected in five days.

According to the National Police Agency, as of 4 pm on the 11th, 116 cases of cyber fraud related to the sale of urea were detected, including arrest cases.

The Chuncheon Police Station arrested 29-year-old A on the 10th on the charge of stealing 350,000 won from the victim by posting a false sales article in Joongongara saying, “I am selling 4 cans of urea water for 350,000 won.”

In addition, by platform, 56 cases were found in the used country, 14 cases in the carrot market, 11 cases in the lightning market, and 35 other cases.

Currently, most used trading platforms prohibit the sale of urea water.


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