“The child was hit by a truck and I only gave him a business card and left”… video at the time


An accident occurred when a truck parked on the sidewalk reversed and hit an elementary school student, and the fact that the truck driver left the seat with only a business card is known, causing outrage.

On the 9th, it is a children’s protection area at the back gate of an elementary school in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do.

A truck parked on the sidewalk hit an elementary school student standing in front of a crosswalk while reversing.

The child, who was pushed over by the truck, managed to avoid the wheels while crawling on the floor, but the truck backed up again and stopped only after moving forward again.

The child got up and a passerby saw this and ran to comfort the child, and the driver got off the truck and approached the child.

Fortunately, the child was not seriously injured, but the fact that the truck driver gave the child a business card and left the scene as it was, it is pointed out that follow-up measures were insufficient.

The child’s parents, who learned of the accident late, were also angry at the driver’s response and reported it to the police.

(Screen source: Baby Dream)


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