“The amount of urea has been released”… The scene is still ‘chaotic’


Although the government announced that it had secured a quantity of urea water that could be used for about 5 months as soon as it was urgent, it was still not easy to obtain urea water in the market. There are voices calling for an effort to distribute appropriately along with a prompt supply.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon covered the scene.

In front of a gas station in Incheon, vehicles lined up for hundreds of meters and waited to buy urea water six days ago, but now it is noticeably quieter.

Instead, they are flooded with inquiries.

[(요소수 있어요?) 없습니다.]

The number of elements that the government and private companies said they secured amounts to 5.3 months, but it takes time for the amount to reach general gas stations.

Most drivers who have been digging all day in the hope that they will be rescued immediately burst into anger at their vain steps.

[화물차 운전자 : 지금도 똑같아요. 난리 났다니까 지금. 주유소마다 들러도 없어. 아는 사람한테 반말 꿔서 붓고 올라왔다니까.]

Gas stations that have secured the number of urea are immediately crowded with people.

Even if you try to supply truck drivers first, the situation is not easy.

[승합차 운전자 : 할 수 없이 거짓말했어요. 방법이 없으니까 차량 운행을 못 하니까. 죄송한데 방법이 없네요.]

There is also a trick to selling only to people who have fueled up.

[기름 넣고 오세요. (안 넣으면) 안 팔아요.]

A dispute arose at a gas station that was supplied with urea water from the military stockpile and sold it in containers first.

[이소연/주유소 대표 : 어제는 컨테이너 차량만 주유하라고 했기 때문에 (일반차량이) 항의도 많이 했고 싸우기도 많이 하고….]

The number of urea boxes was stacked like this, and as it became possible to sell it to general vehicles, almost all of the 500 boxes I received were sold out.

Logistics and construction sites are still unstable.

[조승호/대구경북 건설기계본부 지부장 : 30리터, 그거 가지고는 건설기계 장비들은 턱없이 모자라고요. 다 멈출 것 같아요.]

The government has announced that it will proceed with customs clearance and export measures more expeditiously.


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