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On Friday Sat.1 showed “Helene Fischer – An evening in a frenzy”. The TV event offered the fans everything they love about Helene Fischer.

Friday evening (November 12th) fans of Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer (37, “Herzbeben”) had longed for it. And they weren’t disappointed. The TV event “Helene Fischer – An Evening in Rush”, which the broadcaster Sat.1 broadcast from 8:15 pm, offered everything that Fischer’s fan base loves about her: perfectly staged performances of the new songs from the album “Rausch” and one Down-to-earth star, who talks to presenter Steven Gätjen (49) in a sympathetic way.

At Helene Fischer’s live performances, Stefan Raab pulled the strings

Behind the scenes, none other than ex- “TV total” presenter Stefan Raab (55) ensured that the artist’s appearances in the intimate atmosphere of a theater became musical highlights. The Cologne native, who co-produced the show with his company Raab TV, developed the live performances of the songs as music supervisor with Fischer. On stage she presented the tracks of her album “Rausch”, which was released in mid-October, including “Volle Kraft vor” or “Luftballon”, with a live band.

More interesting than the singing skills of the 37-year-old, who is soon expecting her first child, was her conversation with Steven Gätjen. The moderator wanted to create a “relaxed, cozy and above all friendly atmosphere”, as he explained – and that is exactly what he succeeded in doing. The musician answered questions from Gätjen, her fans and colleagues – including comedian Wigald Boning (54) – confidently and calmly.

It was about the future, the past and the everyday

Many of them were about the future. Gätjen asked, for example, what else was on her “bucket list”. The entertainer’s answer: A “combination of travel and unfulfilled wishes and dreams”. She has never been to Australia or New Zealand, she simply didn’t have the time. Immediately afterwards a question that Fischer, at 37 years of age, certainly doesn’t hear too often: What should be on her tombstone? “She loved life and left with a smile,” was the answer.

“An evening in a frenzy” wasn’t just about existential issues. The Russian-born artist came out as a fan of quiet Sundays. Why? “Because nobody is annoying and because nobody calls and because everything is closed.” Shops open around the clock, as is common in the USA, do not need them. Instead, she loves walking, cooking, and sleeping in.

In many moments the “breathless through the night” interpreter also looked back in time, told, among other things, of her great idols: Mariah Carey (“We Belong Together”), Whitney Houston (1963-2012) and above all Celine Dion ( 53, “My Heart Will Go On”). “Celine was the first to do it to me,” said Fischer, who has now met her role model at least once as a fan in Las Vegas.

When Steven Gätjens asked what advice she would give her 20 years younger self today, the successful singer replied: “To see a lot of things more relaxed.” There were times when it reached its limit. The perfectionism for which she is known is still important to her today, but: “It has become more and more beautiful, more and more relaxed.” She has learned to “simply cancel or not accept things”.

Hymns of praise from dancers, band and crew – and lightning answers from the artist

At the TV event, which also reviewed Helene Fischer’s fashionable career highlights, not only the artist herself had a say. Close employees, including dancers, band musicians and crew members, also spoke in front of the camera – and (of course) only positive. “She is just the dearest person and so talented,” praised a young woman. Another called her boss “the best boss I’ve ever had”.

Shortly before the end of the program, things happened again in quick succession: Florian Silbereisen’s ex (40), who had her baby bump like last week on “Wetten, dass ..?” skilfully fashionably concealed, decide in a flash for one answer. “Metallica or James Blunt?” Asked moderator Gätjen, whereupon Fischer, surprisingly and not entirely without internal resistance, decided to go with the US rock band. Also with “‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Star Wars’?” and “Mario Barth or Helge Schneider?” the musician decided on the first possible answer. Only with “wheat beer or vodka?” there was a tie.

“Helene Fischer – An Evening in Rush” was recorded without an audience and premiered on November 10th at the Delphi Filmpalast in Berlin. ProSieben will broadcast the program again on November 18, directly after “The Voice of Germany”.


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