“Supply chain stability through free trade… Must become a strong economic community”


President Moon Jae-in attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held via video. President Moon emphasized free trade as a way to solve global issues such as overcoming the corona crisis and supply chain problems.

Reporter Kwon Ran on the sidewalk.

President Moon Jae-in wore the traditional attire of his host country, New Zealand, to attend the APEC summit held via video.

President Moon emphasized the importance of free trade, saying that it should become a stronger economic community by restoring an open and fair trade order.

In particular, he proposed free trade as a method for stabilizing the supply chain, which has recently emerged as the world’s biggest issue.

[문재인 대통령 : 빠른 코로나 위기 극복과 글로벌 공급망의 안정 역시 다자주의와 호혜적 협력에 기반한 자유무역에 달려있습니다.]

President Moon also said, “APEC has been leading the digital transformation,” and said that he would take advantage of Korea’s strengths, a digital powerhouse, to open up the digital economy together.

He also expressed his intention to actively participate in the effort for the equitable distribution of vaccines and suggested that we prepare a common standard for mutual certification of vaccines.

President Moon also urged APEC to play a leading role in responding to the climate crisis and being carbon neutral.

At this meeting, the Putrajaya Vision 2040 Implementation Plan was adopted, which outlines APEC’s cooperation for the next 20 years for inclusive and sustainable development.


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