“Security Office and Coast Guard Data Disclosure” to the bereaved family of a North Korean murdered public official


In September of last year, the authorities determined that an official of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries was shot and killed by a North Korean soldier in the West Sea. After that, there was a fight between the bereaved family and the government who refused to provide the evidence, but the court ruled that the data from the Blue House and the Coast Guard should be disclosed.

Correspondent Ahn Hee-jae.

In September of last year, the military and coast guard announced that Lee Mo, an official of the fishing guidance ship, was shot and killed by North Korean forces at sea.

[윤성현/해양경찰청 수사정보국장 (지난해 9월) : 표류 예측 분석 결과 등을 종합해 볼 때 실종자는 월북한 것으로 판단하고 있습니다.]

However, the bereaved families demanded that the government provide clear evidence that the government determined North Korea only based on the circumstances, and when they were rejected, they filed a lawsuit.

[이 모 군/숨진 공무원의 아들 (지난 1월) : 증거 제시도 못 하면서 이 나라는 엄청난 죄명부터 씌웠습니다.]

The court of first instance accepted most of the family’s claims.

At that time, the Coast Guard decided to disclose not only records of investigations into Lee’s colleagues and data on the initial investigation, but also reports of the command sent to and from the Blue House.

However, the records of North Korean military communications, which are known as the core of the basis for defecting to North Korea, were not accepted by the bereaved family members for reasons such as military secrets.

The bereaved families expected it to be a clue to reveal the truth, but expressed regret that the Ministry of Defense data was missing.

He also resented that the Coast Guard did not take any action despite the Human Rights Commission’s conclusion that Lee’s disclosure of debts of hundreds of millions of won was an invasion of privacy.

The Coast Guard declined to comment, saying it was investigating the ruling.

The bereaved family said they would file a lawsuit against the state for damages.


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