[Pick] Colonial modernization theory saying “Let’s broaden our perspective during the Japanese colonial period”… Sungkyunkwan University Webzine Controversy


The only official webzine within Sungkyunkwan University, ‘Sungkyunkwan Webzine’, is controversial over remarks related to the Japanese colonial period.

Yesterday (11th), several online communities uploaded a captured photo of a post posted on the Sungkyun Webzine Facebook page.

In the captured post, while introducing the article related to the Japanese colonial period in the ‘Knowledge Channel S Academic’ section, “Today, I would like to introduce two perspectives on the Japanese colonial period, which was a great pain for the nation. Seeing the Japanese colonial period as a history of oppression Besides the perspective, did you know that there is another perspective that sees it as the period when the foundation for Korea’s growth was formed?”

He concluded, “In this section, we studied ‘colonial exploitation theory’ and ‘colonial modernization theory.’

In the article related to the Japanese colonial period introduced in the controversial Sungkyun Webzine Facebook post, he cited scholars who advocate exploitation theory and modernization theory on ‘colonial exploitation theory’ and ‘colonial modernization theory’, citing the words of the scholars who insist on the theory of modernization. Proliferation plan ③ The difference between the two perspectives was explained based on major historical events such as the shipbuilding industrialization policy.

At the end of the article, he said, “Suddenly, I wonder how I have looked at the Japanese colonial period. I think that I may have looked at it too exploitatively, but I can’t erase the idea that exploitation is the essence. Many people suffered from violence and coercion. Perhaps Japan’s modernity was partially transferred to Korea under colonial rule, but what is the point that we should essentially ask about the period of Japanese occupation? I think it might be necessary to think about it again,” he concluded.

'There is no registered post' notification is displayed, and the controversial post is currently being deleted.
After that, the controversy spread as the post spread online.

Netizens criticized opinions such as “Is it a pro-Japanese university?”, “It’s like a Korean university is promoting Japanese right-wing logic instead”, “Do you know that the founder of the school, Kim Chang-suk, was a person who devoted his life to the independence movement. Shame on you”, etc. There were many.

On the other hand, there were also some responses that it would not be a problem.

There were also a few opinions such as “Should there be a sanctuary for academic debate?” “People who support colonial modernization theory should be able to freely express their thoughts.”

Meanwhile, the original article and Facebook post on Sungkyun Webzine have all been deleted.

This is a ‘news pick’.

(Photo=Online Community · Sungkyun Webzine homepage capture)


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