‘Meal for 11’ Prime Minister Kim “I can’t say go to my friend’s wife… I’m deeply sorry”


Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom said, “I am deeply sorry” for the recent criticism of violating quarantine rules for 11 people eating dinner, which exceeds the standard for 10 people in the metropolitan area.

Prior to the state affairs inspection and coordination meeting held at the government complex in Seoul on the morning of the 12th, Prime Minister Kim said, “I apologize to some of the reports related to him. Last weekend, at a meeting with friends, the fact that I ate more than the number of people according to the quarantine rules. there,” he said.

Prime Minister Kim said, “I don’t know if I should apologize to the people as the head of the Central Disaster Response and Safety Headquarters. I promise to thoroughly review myself so that this does not happen again in the future.”

It is known that Prime Minister Kim had lunch with 10 acquaintances at the Prime Minister’s Office on the 6th.

This is the 6th day since the step-by-step recovery measures were implemented, and private gatherings of up to 10 people were allowed in the metropolitan area.

Regarding the 11 people eating, Prime Minister Kim admitted, “I was with my friend’s wife who came unexpectedly, so I couldn’t just say that she passed away.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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