Lisa Bitter enjoyed the series set


“Der Beischläfer”
Lisa Bitter enjoyed the series set

“The co-sleeper”: Judge Dr. Julia Kellerman (Lisa Bitter) and Alderman Charlie Menzinger (Markus Stoll) are also in season two.

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“The bed sleeper” star Lisa Bitter reveals what you should know from season one and whether Markus Stoll grumbles as much on set as Harry G.

The second season of the successful comedy series “Der Beischläfer” (since 2020) starts on November 12th on Amazon Prime Video. Judge Dr. Julia Kellermann (Lisa Bitter, 37) ensures justice at the district court, while the jury Charlie Menzinger (Markus Stoll, 42) first of all has to ensure that her transfer to the fictional town of Wamperschwang in the Bavarian province is reversed so that they can work together again can.

In an interview with spot on news, Lisa Bitter tells, among other things, what viewers from season one of the series “Beischläfer” should know and whether actor Markus Stoll (42) is as grumpy on set as his fictional character Harry G. She also gives already a little preview of the upcoming “crime scene”. Their information about the AI ​​heart project is no less scary.

What should the viewers know from the first “Beischläfer” season?

Lisa Bitter: Dr. Julia Kellermann is the professional judge, Charlie Menzinger is her difficult-to-educate alderman. At first, the two of them do not notice that it is crackling properly, so my urgent advice: watch season two!

What is the charm of the series?

Bitter: The series is characterized by a very loving look at Munich and the Bavarian way of life – of course, dirty sayings and rough jokes should not be missing. At the same time, a fine comedic series was created. This mixture was probably what impressed the audience the most.

What do you particularly like about your role?

Bitter: I like the supposed straightforwardness of your character. Your worldview consists of legally sound bills. The encounter with Charlie shakes this order nicely. Playing that is a lot of fun.

How do you like the styling of your role?

Bitter: I looked forward to every day of shooting in a judge’s robe. I like work clothes. As an actress, that gives me an additional level, because in real life, for example, a robe functions like a costume, it is linked to a function, with a certain charisma. I had a lot of fun dealing with it in a playful way.

How is it behind the scenes with Markus Stoll? Is he grumbling like he was Harry G?

Bitter: Working with my colleague Markus Stoll also means having a lot to laugh about behind the scenes. There can be no question of “grumbling”. We both enjoy playing together and also squabble between takes.

The second season begins with the fact that you landed as a judge in the countryside in Wamperschwang. Where do you prefer to live and / or work, in the city or in the country?

Bitter: I think a good mix is ​​ideal. What I enjoy and also need about city life is the cultural offerings. Right now, after the pandemic with its lockdowns, I am looking forward to the cinema, theater, exhibitions and concerts – I have a great longing for these things. At the same time, I am very happy about the proximity to the foothills of the Alps and the mountains. I am passionate about hiking and I need the peace and quiet on the mountain to come to me and switch off.

“The verdict against Zipfizoaga-Willi was impeccable,” says the first episode of the new season about an exhibitionist – you were born in Erlangen. Do you have difficulties with Bavarian sentences like this in the script?

Bitter: A really “gschertes Bavarian” doesn’t cause me any problems. I find dialects very interesting, you can find out a lot about the respective people if you listen carefully. Bavarian is warm and coarse – a successful mixture for me.

Julia Kellermann’s ex-boyfriend Nico von Bloom (Jens Atzorn) suddenly reappears this season. He wants to have changed and wants to revive the relationship. Do you believe that people can change fundamentally?

Bitter: I do believe that you can work on yourself and change your behavior. That means making clear decisions and being consistent, which is certainly not always easy. We are constantly changing anyway, due to external and internal factors. That is why I think it is important to keep checking your own canon of values ​​with a watchful eye and, if necessary, to adjust them. I am basically optimistic.

Will there be a season three? Are there enough ideas?

Bitter: There are enough ideas. The characters in the series are very agile and anything but narrated. A third season would please all of us.

Your role in the Ludwigshafen “Tatort” team, to which you have been a member since 2014, is also not enumerated. When can your fans expect the next thriller in the first and what can you reveal about the content?

Bitter: Our next “crime scene” is expected to run in the spring of 2022, but there is no exact broadcast date yet. I’m really looking forward to the film, it will be a zapping thriller. A very brutal murder has to be solved, Lena Odenthal [Ulrike Folkerts, Red.] and Johanna Stern [Lisa Bitter] The time is running out to prevent a second murder … Not for the nerve-wracking audience, I can reveal that much!


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