Jae-myung Lee, 8-week public listening project ‘Mata Bus’ departure


Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung has entered a two-month campaign for people’s livelihood.

It is a nationwide tour project called ‘Lee Jae-myung’s Mata Bus (weekly Minsaeng Bus)’, and listens to local people’s opinions on a specially modified bus with a studio installed.

Candidate Lee digests the presidential election schedule in Seoul on weekdays, but visits livelihood sites in 8 districts for 8 weeks with a schedule of 3-4 days on weekends.

Through this, the idea is to listen to local people’s opinions and find solutions to current issues.

There is also the expectation that the candidate will raise the support rate trapped in the box by putting forward the image of ‘close to the field’, which is considered to be Lee’s strength.

Candidate Lee said at the inauguration ceremony held at the National Assembly today (12th), “We humbly accept the people’s comments that the Democratic Party tried to practice the people’s sovereignty, but unfortunately it has been very insufficient so far.”

He explained, “The reason I am going on a listening tour like this is to listen to the voices of the people who are being discriminated against in the name of the province and losing more opportunities even though they live in the same country in the end.”

Candidate Lee said, “I will listen to the voices of the people again and again with the idea that the lives of the people as a whole will improve only if the lower places are raised even a little bit.”

The main target of the ‘Mattaverse’ project is the 2030 generation, which is considered the casting boat for the presidential election.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by a large number of ‘Listeners’, a youth group who would listen to the people’s livelihood with Candidate Lee.

Wearing a gray polarti and sneakers, Lee shook hands with each of them and took pictures with them, chanting the slogan, “Listen carefully and I will practice.”

Candidate Lee plans to focus on securing the public sentiment of the MZ generation through communion with young people in this project.

In a press release on the 9th, the Democratic Party said in a press release on the 9th, “(Mata Bus Project) invites the MZ generation to the inside of the bus studio to talk ‘Mazayo Talk’, and ‘Myeongsim Camping’, which is camping with a vehicle for car parking, etc. Through this, we will focus on communion with the 2030 youth.”

The schedules for Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam, which will be held for three days from this day, were also tailored to many youths.

Candidate Lee will hold a meeting with young people in Ulsan this afternoon under the name of ‘A young man asks a question and Lee Jae-myung answers’.

On the next day, the 13th, we will move to Busan and hold a meeting with Busan local startups and social ventures, and then hold an event called ‘People’s Association with Busan Youth’.

In the evening, we move to Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, and meet the 2030 generations of Geoje prospective couples.

Candidate Lee plans to hold a tea break meeting with them using the Hyundai Casper produced as a ‘Gwangju-type job’.

On Sunday, the 14th, we will visit the Daewoo Shipyard and have a conversation (Mazayo Talk) with researchers from the MZ generation affiliated with Korea Aerospace Industries in the ‘Mata Bus’.

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)


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