I almost lost my parents and was deported… 4 year old Korean girl left alone


Our compatriots who were pushed to Central Asia during the Japanese colonial period and settled there are called Koryoin. There are many Koreans who work in Korea, but a 4-year-old Korean girl who lost her father and mother to an illness is left alone in Korea.

Reporter Jeong Ban-seok met this girl who has not yet been able to speak properly.

A 4-year-old girl Anna (pseudonym) was born to her father and mother, who came to work from Uzbekistan to Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province.

Anna’s parents were a third-generation Goryeoin.

But last year, my mother passed away unexpectedly.

Even her father, who was taking care of Anna alone, passed away last month from heart disease.

It’s been five days since I left a happy birthday message, “Little princess has grown up and I’m happy every day.”

Four-year-old Anna, who cannot speak very well, was left alone.

A neighboring woman from a Koryo-in, with a handicapped leg, took care of Anna for a while with the help of people around her.

[고려인 이웃 여성 : (검진을 받은 적이 있는지는) 잘 모르겠어요. (아빠가 세상을 떠난 뒤) 매일 오후 6시 문 앞에서 기다리며 ‘아빠, 아빠’ 이렇게 부르더라고요.]

Anna also looked uncomfortable.

However, the visa has expired and you will not be able to receive health insurance benefits.

[안나 아버지 지인 : 말도 전혀 못 하는 상태예요. 병원 데리고 가서 검사도 해봐야 될 텐데 건강보험이 없고 비용이 너무 비싸게 나올 거고….]

My aunt living in Russia has announced her intention to adopt, but it is not easy because the three countries are intertwined.

For SBS coverage, the Uzbekistan embassy issued a temporary passport and left it to a relative of Uzbekistan to help her be adopted into Russia, but there is no one to take Anna with her right now.

When I told the pitiful situation, the Ministry of Justice announced that it would actively review the special residence permit and exemption from fines for illegal stay, and the city of Pyeongtaek launched a visit investigation and health checkup.

Anna, a four-year-old girl who cannot speak, has not decided where and with whom she will live, and there is nothing she can decide.


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