Everything that can be frozen is frozen… ‘Frozen’ this year?


When was the coldest winter you remember?

It is said that this winter has all the conditions to be a cold winter.

My hair was frozen, and when I shipped it, the lenses came frozen, the toilet was frozen, and even the snow balls were frozen.

[님들 올리브유 얼었어 매장안인데. 정수기 물 얼었어 너네도 그렇지? 자판기 안에 물 얼었어…]

The winter of 2017-18 was a ‘frozen’ because everything that could be frozen was frozen.

And last winter, when even the sea water was frozen, was not easy.

Seoul recorded the coldest weather in 35 years, dropping to minus 18.6 degrees Celsius earlier this year.

How about this winter?

[1. 라니냐가 발생할 확률이 높다]

The ‘La Niña phenomenon’ is the main culprit that brings the winter cold wave to Korea.

A phenomenon in which the seawater temperature in the equatorial region of the eastern Pacific is 0.5°C lower than usual for more than 5 months is called La Niña.

If it goes like this, there is a high chance that a La Niña will occur.

When La Niña occurs, abnormal climates often occur, such as floods in Southeast Asia and Australia, and droughts in Peru and Chile, and it tends to bring cold waves in Korea.

[박정민/기상청 통보관 : 완전 라니냐는 아니지만, 라니냐 패턴 쪽으로 지금 움직이고 있는 건 사실이고요. 그런 것들이(라니냐 현상) 나타날 때, 동아시아 지역의 겨울에 찬 공기들이 잘 내려 올 수 있는 패턴이 된다.]

[2. 음(-)의 북극 진동 상태가 된다]

The Arctic cold air vortex repeatedly strengthens and weakens, and when the vortex weakens, the Arctic Oscillation Index is negative.

When the Arctic Oscillation Index goes down to ‘negative’, the jet stream that traps the cold in the polar regions loosens, increasing the possibility that cold air will come down to the Korean Peninsula.

This year, the Arctic Oscillation Index is showing a negative value.

[3. 북극 얼음이 많이 녹았다]

As the Arctic ice melts, the jet stream weakens and cold air rushes southward.

[김백민/부경대 환경대기과학과 교수 : 2000년대 들어와서 지구온난화 때문에 얼음이 녹으면서, 북극의 찬 공기를 남쪽으로 더 밀어내는 그런 일들이 더 자주 나타나고 있거든요.]

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that there is an 80% chance that the average monthly temperature will be similar to or lower than normal in the three-month forecast.

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